Day 42

imageFirst night without mom. It’s always good to have some time off from people once in awhile. The distance help you cherish the closeness when it is available.

Just finish watching “Transcendence” starring Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, & Paul Bettany. I bet there is some awesome paper that analyzes this movie and I would love to read them. I would also like to write it but lack the writing skill to do so. So, I will make a simple list with words that can have a quick description of the thoughts I was having while watching this movie.

  1. technology; it can save and it can kill.
  2. how is humanity using technology? for the greater good? how are they using it now? are they abusing it? or are they still lacking in this? can we use it to “save” the world?
  3. what does it mean to “save” the world.
  4. are we trying to be our own god? are we trying to be other people’s god?
  5. how are we advancing? or are we simply moving backwards? are we striving or dying?
  6. morally right…or not?
  7. greater good? :T

To get rid of all this deeep thinking, I am watching running man 🙂