Day 19: Osaka

Hotel was not as bad as I had imagine but it was definitely a different class in comparison to Citadine. I’m okay but mother is not as okay about it. Changed two different room but still not fully satisfied as we have to change room on the last day. However five days here. We could make it!

Today was a tiring day. I think jet lag is still hitting us and many times throughout the day, it was pretty tense.

I only pray that tomorrow would be better when we get better rest tonight.

B: western breakfast. egg, sausage, toast, hot chocolate and coffee.
L/D: @osaka Mix Okonomiyaki (pork, squid, shrimp) recommended by a pair of (Chinese?) British travellers.
Late night snack: (?)

Watching the You Who Came From The Stars (again) with mom.



Day 18: Time With Me

So I missed a day or two of this blog business. I am in JAPAN! Woot! Plane ride was exhausting to say the least. I hope I get a better flight when going home. I do miss my bed. #1.

We got lost endlessly yesterday when we landed. So a brief summary.
1. landed. Immigration Security. Very efficient.
2. Narita Express. With a foreign passport, for one way only from Narita Airport to Shinjuku (or wherever ex. Tokyo Station), 1500 yen. Regular Price, 3000 yen.
3. Go downstair to take the reserved train. Hunt for your seat. Lock your suitcase. Ride was around 1.5 hours to Shinjuku. Not too long.
4. Got to Shinjuku. Now here was the messy part. We went in circles, in and out of Shinjuku, went to the JR station several times. Our goal was Shin Gyoemmae Station. However, that is not part of the JR Line. Therefore, the hunt for the local metro subway was on.
5. Hunt for Marunouchi Line. By this time, we had asked at least 6 people how to get to Gyoemmae Station.
a) station conductor
b) JR Pass person
c) pedestrian buying ticket
d) women waiting for her friend (she was the one who told us we were looking for Marunouchi Line).
e) another station conductor who pointed us to the direction but…we are pretty directional disabled obviously.
f) a young man who looked like mid 20’s who was OH SO VERY KIND. He walked us all the way to Marunouchi Line AND taught us how to buy our tickets. So so so thankful for him!
It is really quite a sight to see all these kind and helpful people who would use their data and their time to help us. So thankful and really made me reflect about myself.
6) So, after finally on the Marunouchi Line heading to M10 (Shinjuku is M8) and paying 170 yen for two stations, we arrived at Shin-Gyoemmae Station. To get to our hotel, Citadine Hotel, we were told to leave at exit 2.
We asked for instruction from the station conductor who had told us perfectly well instructions. We followed the first one and none of the rest.
7) After walking for 3 mins out of the required 6 min, we started to doubt and started to ask for help.
After barging into a restaurant and the owner plus two young men’s help, we started to head back to the station (ie. wrong way).
8) While walking the wrong way, we went into a family mart and asked for direction again. From the manager who gave us the correct instruction just like the station conductor, we started to head the correct way again.
9) However, when we walked for around 5 out of the 6 required minute, again, doubt started to arise and we started to hunt for the hotel in our own method. We strayed away from the required path and after 2 more citizen who did not understand us, we finally got another young couple help. With the help of their data and my flashlight app, we manage to find out that we were 1 minute away from the hotel. YAY!
10) Finally at Citadine Hotel. Check-in, unpack, FOOD. We were slightly in starvation mode. Had food. Yum.
11) Back to hotel, shower, knocked out. Jet lag hit a few times at 4AM, 5AM, 7AM. Then got up!

Today, Feb 9 2015.
Itinerary: Mt. Fuji, Shop at Shibuya et Shinjuku
B:Bakery Goods + Coffee
L: Yaki-Udon, Hotone Special Udon
SushI from sushi belt. 2200Yen ish.
Shopping: 2 pairs of shoes. Good sale!  A toque, a dinosaur onesie, some kit-kat goods

There was many department store where the entire building was mighty expensive. Smoking room in restaurant. Crossing the road at shibuya. A sea of people. Cannot wait for Osaka to EAT EAT EAT. Managed a conversation with our last shopping store near the hotel. Nice lady. I actually understood 80% of the Japanese content. The rest was situation-based and hand motion. It was truly exhausting. At the end, my head was unable to formulate any sense though so I had to reply in simple English. A nice experience definitely. Need to rest, I was wearing a pair of flats that I was planning to trash which was not a so good of an idea as my ankle is now so sore…

OSAKA TOMORROW! Pray for cooperation between mother and I. In addition, we find our hotel as soon as possible.

Photo on 2015-02-09 at 22.18 #2

Sweet dreams! Reporting from Tokyo, Japan.