Posted these pictures yesterday but was too tired…and now it’s 1:45am of the next day. APRIL 2nd now…yea. what is a meal without mama nagging on how unhealthy ramen is……he he he…and had this at midnight too. image

I still managed to wake up to make breakfast.but those cheese in fish ball burn my tongue! ><‘ hopefully i didn’t kill any nerves or anything like that…anyways.


Learn a good lesson of what God’s will is. As i am very short for time, I will just be simply writing two things that I have taken from today’s bible study.
1) God’s will is not a roadmap. It wouldn’t necessarily tell us to do what or to go where…
2) God’s will is more of how willing we are to let God transform us.
– What is our motivation that pushes us?
– What is our attitudes in our speech/actions?

ANYWAYS, beebeebum is over at my house.

tomorrow is dinner with the HO family. lol. let’s hope it goes well. Let me show love to them like how God has shown his love to me. AMEN.