Day 39: Sleep

Lately I have been having sleeping trouble. I like to have enough rest…but for the past few days, I do not like the feeling of falling into unconsciousness. What is wrong with me?


Day 38: Healer

OKAY. well, I just started and finish healer within this week. I must say..why didn’t i watch this drama sooner?! I can’t believe I almost missed this drama because of my biased opinions.

First, I started City Hunter..and I just could not finish it..the acting was so-so and the characters were just really a turn off for me. I understand that most female are seen as “fragile” beings that needs to be protected in the korean drama world however,,,there is a limit to it. So..yes, park min young nearly made me miss such an amazing drama.

Next, to be honest, I didn’t recognize Ji Chang Wook. At first glance of the promotional poster..i thought he was Jae Joong from JYJ. It isn’t that I”m not a fan of Jae, but at that time, I couldn’t feel a pull from who i thought was Jae and PMY


So while I was at a family’s dinner this thanksgiving, I saw my relatives watching EMPRESS KI. A historical drama that JCW is in but has way too many episodes to watch at the current school term…so I watched healer! was I hooked.

Instead of writing an entire summary, I’ll just for my own sake, write why this is quickly on one of my favourite drama. I am an avid korean drama viewer. Since 2003, so I got quite a few years under my belt not trying to be too cocky here hahahaaa. jkjk, this is not something I should be proud of haha ^^”’

  • the characters are smart.
    There has been way too many time where I just cannot stand the stupidity of some characters. Our female lead, she is quick and it doesn’t take her too long to figure things out on her OWN! I am just so proud that a character like that exist. Perhaps it is also her role as a reporter..but she questions and seek answers. I think that really is inspiring for viewers too!
  • characters quickly clear misunderstandings
    They talk about their doubts that they have for each other. Our leads are so willing to love each other that they actually listen to each other. After listening to them, they are given the decision whether they would want to trust each other or not. To continue with this, the trust they have for each other is quite undeniable. Their strength of their feelings towards each other is portrayed really well. For example, the scene where JCW seeks to find evidence that his father was accused of murdering her biological father, PMYs’ love towards JCW is quite evidential as she reassures him that he is not a bad person and that she wants him to stay with her whether he finds proof or not.
  • every character feels so human.
    This includes protagonist side or antagonist side. I understand why the bad guys do the bad things they do…even though it doesn’t justify anything..but I feel a sense of pity towards them. Maybe because I am human as well? Each character has their backstory and I am glad to have met them, good and bad guys 🙂
  • whoever is in charge of sound and music are amazing.
    The song selections are amazing. At the moment, I am listening to Eternal Love by Michael Learns to Rock. Just one of the many great songs from the drama. Not only music, but the timing of silence was also well done. They didn’t needlessly place music to fill in gaps but they also managed to make silence a track itself. I think it was when JCW was holding the murder weapon and PMY witness him and the amount of shock was maximized with the silence placed. Clever move.
  • The love. Okay, ya. I don’t think I need to say much. They make hugs look so amazing that I may have the hugging syndrome for a few days now…oops.
  • Their was no love triangle between the main leads! I am so so so happy that it worked out successful. It just makes me value the main relationship so much more. There was no evil second lead, no second male lead syndrome..though i must say that Yoo Ji Tae is a fine man indeed. I love how he is their sam choon and his great encouragement towards their love. Another thing I love is how drawn they were towards each other right from their start..and also..their wasn’t that much doubt in their love. I am very very grateful for that.
  • Flashbacks. Though they repeated a few several times, I felt that they were not overdone and I felt that it had a perfect placement on it. I might even say, this drama would lose a third of its touch without the flashback so I am very satisfied.
  • ONE thing I must say that is a slight turn that the ending!! I wanted to see more ever after part..sort of like..was it oh my ghostess?? I dont remember, but ya, I really do dislike it when they end it off too quickly..and I guess one more thing to add, I would want to minus 10% of the political parts..but i guess they still have to have some background story.

OKAY! I just really felt the need to write a post about this as the emotions are still pretty much in its “raw form”. Glad I did and I might even think about re-watching this. This is definitely precious to me.


This character really speaks to me as person. Healer. I want to have characteristics of have a big heart. I really do.

anyways, I should sign off now. too-da-loo~