Day 27b: Desire for Him

A Constant fight I have with Satan.

Read on google how someone said, desire is dead without will…but I think that there would be no will if there is no desire, desire is greater than will. There can be no will if we do not desire. What are we willing to do if we do not desire it, if we do not crave for it? That is why I think we need to have more than a will to follow God. We need to have the desire to follow him; in addition to the desire, we need to create will to follow through with our desire. He should be our one desire.

I know I am using the word “desire” and “will” many times here. Just had a talk with my wonderful cousin who showed me the difference and I think it is important to remember why we are disciples of Christ. What was the spark of fire that lighted our heart to want to know Him more and to be saved through Him?


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