Day 10: Dine Out Vancouver

Dine out Vancouver. Where expensive restaurants have a set menu at a lower value.
Went to Hurricane Grill at Yaletown. yum yum. Great portioning and food was pretty well seasoned and well cooked. Environment seems good as well but the setting was pretty big so our waitress was running back and fourth and it was difficult to grab her attention at times. Food service was a wee bit slow but we were a party of 5 so that might have played a part to it.

Food: 8.5/10
The strawberry at my creme brûlée was old and broken. Presentation or an edible part of the dessert…not really acceptable. Two out of the four strawberry were broken so it wasn’t just my dessert. The top caramelized layer for the brûlée was too thick making the dessert much too sweet.
Service: 7.5/10
Our server was great, but everyone outside of the service was not exactly professional. Example, lots of chit chatting to one another while serving us. As well, as I mentioned, difficult to grab our servers attention.
Overall: 8/10
I would come back again but maybe on a night that is a little quieter…?

That’s it for now~



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