Day 9: Ramen

Instant Noodle. Especially in Asian Cultures, instant noodle plays an extreme part in the culture.
My favourite include:

Japanese brand: Nissin or as Cantonese people call: chut cheen yut ding
I grew up only eating the seafood and beef flavour. While growing up, I was living with my lovely wu sisters and there was a total of six mouth to feed. So when we wanted instant noodle, we would usually cook around 8 instant noodle per feeding. That would be quite pricy so we usually just buy instant noodle in bulk size. However, now that I’m living with just my mom and step-dad, we don’t buy instant noodle as much which allows me to pick different flavour. Out of all the flavours given, this flavour, black sesame seed is my favourite. Mainly because the flavour is really strong and of course, the sesame oil aroma is quite distinct as well.


My second favourite instant noodle is:


Korean Brand, Nongshim; Shin Ramyun

Every SINGLE Korean drama would have at least one session of instant noodle slurp. (unless it’s a historical drama). So eventually, every time they have one of these, my urge to cook one of these increases. I’m sure I am not the only one sucked into this so I would proudly say, I love my ramyun. However, here in Vancouver, these little guys are pretty expensive…the best price I could get is 6$ for five and only when they are on sale…so I have to eat them wisely…
I really do enjoy the extra texture and I am attempting to increase my hot food tolerance one ramen at a time. The black pepper is great and it also has sulong tang soup flavour too! Yum! I just had one for dinner today..^^”’ hehehe

Shin Ramyun takes a little longer to cook because the noodle is thicker therefore portion is bigger than chutcheenyutding. And like I said, a little more expensive as well…but korean drama just keeps tempting me with ramyun ~.~

Okay! Enough talks, time to do homework!

– misscarriehohoho


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