Day 3: “and your joy will be complete.”

School is tiring but I am thankful that I have an education. Had korean hot pot with two of my close friends. yum!
Having friends are important. Friends help develop you. There was a talk about how the 5 people around your life are the biggest influence in shaping yourself. Interesting? That is why it is so important to have people who have traits that help you strive towards to.

Five traits that I would take from the people surround me are:
1) honesty:
being true
always being truthful rather than finding lies to cover up
being who you are and living up to your belief
2) courage:
the courage to be honest
the courage to strive
the courage to take steps to your dream
3) loving
loving not only the ones you care about but even loving strangers.
this includes loving those who are despicable.
4) non-judging
open minded
treating every single human being as equal
the attempt to truly understand someone to get rid of any prejudice thoughts one might have when judging
5) patience
i am one of the least patient person in this world…
however! Only those who are patient can view the sunrise and the sunset. when you’re not patient all you see is the sun and the moon.

Song of the DAY!
This is from young MINO from Winners! Such eye-candy boys. They like many kpop idol stars had to endure great training however, Mino struck out a lot to me in the beginning. Beside looking exactly like the son of G-Dragon and Taeyang, he had a pretty good personality. He was initially preparing to debut with a group called Block-B but an event happened that prevent this to happen. Long story short, after a few failures and bloopers, he made it to YG survival show: WIN. His team, Team A, eventually won the show and was preparing for their debut. Long story short-ish.
Mino stood out a lot to me when I first found out about this group because he is such a great mood-maker. His initial image was tough rapper but whenever he puts down the mic, he becomes this silly joyful person. He seems like someone I would really want to be; a hard working person who enjoys their work and a person who everyone feels comfortable with.
OKAY. enough yapping. here’s the first song I have heard from him:

OH! – Mino


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